CRAFTHOLIC is a collection of fun-loving characters that were created by Japanese designer, Ikuko Yamamoto, in 2008.

The CRAFTS are cuddly creatures that are soft, unique, and simple in design. The stories and sentiments that this lovable collection brings have caused CRAFT popularity to spread all over the world. We hope to continue bringing the same joy and comfort to children and adults alike, and spread the happiness of being a CRAFTHOLIC for years to come.

Meet the CRAFTS!

CRAFTS are mythical creatures from the planet CRAFT. They have come to play with us on planet Earth!


Hug them, have a tea party with them, or tell them a story at bedtime.  


Your CRAFT will become your very best friend!  Create your own stories with these cute, comfy, crazy creatures, and you too will become a CRAFTHOLIC- addicted to the CRAFTS!